Franco Fabbricatore

Franco Fabbricatore, president of Consorzio Salerno Trading since 2009. Entrepreneur in the food sector.

Vice President

Ferdinando Pappalardo
Ferdinando Pappalardo, vice president of Consorzio Salerno Trading, is the owner of the homonymous oil mill in ALTAMURA, in the province of Bari. Altamura is famous in the world for the agro food products, in primis for the bread, certified DOP. Mr. Pappalardo comes from an old family of entrepreneurs in the agro-food sector for several generations and makes use of the forty-year experience gained in the field of olive processing, from which he obtains a high quality extra virgin olive oil. Frantoio Pappalardo has a new oil package, in japanese language, ready for deliveries to over ocean Countries. Ferdinando Pappalardo is Mastro Oleario, AIFO member, member of CLUB Altamura Host, member of the AIDO board, FIDAS member, he is also a member and treasurer of the PROLOCO of Altamura in Bari.

Direction and Press Office
Marina Baldi

Executive of Consortium Salerno Trading. Enrolled in the Journalists and in the order of experts at the Court of Justice in Salerno. She executed stages in the european countries (Great Britain, Germany and Austria), training in Bruxelles at the Institutions of the E.U., and in Geneva (Switzerland) in the field of human resources. Over seventy commercial missions carried out with Consortium Trading in the american, asian and european countries.

Fiscal and commercial department
Gerardo Violano

Advisor, enrolled in the order of the accountants since 1978, experienced in fiscal, financial and tributary matters.

Job and social security
Gianni Esposito

Advisor in work matters, with experience in Social Security and in contentious subjects. He practises his profession since 1984.

Legal services (by contract)

Il 5 febbraio 2019  e’ venuto a mancare l’Avvocato Pasquale Adinolfi.
Resta per noi, per i colleghi e per tutti coloro che lo hanno conosciuto, apprezzato e stimato, il ricordo di un punto di riferimento insostituibile. 
La consulenza legale alle imprese, quando richiesta,  continua ad essere erogata dai colleghi dello studio associato Adinolfi.


Avv. Pasquale Adinolfi

Pasquale Adinolfi, enabled lawyer before the superior Courts (Supreme Court and Council of State)
Since 1991 he’s working in civil and penal matters.
Expert in international Law During the years 1989-1994, he has been honorary vice Attorney at the Prosecutor’s office by Salerno Court of Justice