FLESSOFAB is  becoming one of the most important Italian packaging industries, thanks to a strong international cooperation with countries such as Holland, France, Spain, Germany, Canada, Cyprus, Greece, Brazil, Poland and Slovenia. They produce two types of packaging. The first is for food: pasta (dry fresh), jam (meat, cold cut, fish, olives), coffee, ice-cream, dried and dehydrated fruit, sweets and snack, bakery products (dry, filled). The second is for non food products: household products, pet food, plastic bag, thermoformed film, micro-perforated film, other (construction, glue).


Food and non food packaging

Annual production: 5.000 tons of packaging films

Export Countries: Holland, France, Spain, Germany, Canada, Brazil, Poland and Slovenia

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Contrada Cardogna, 83038 Montemiletto AV


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