COMPAGNIA DEGLI AROMI uses fresh herbs, the best spices available, and authentic ingredients. One can tell after smelling and tasting their products. All their products are preservative- and chemical additive-free.
Steam sterilization for the jars and a UV-A treatment for the other items ensure a long shelf life while preserving the best possible taste.
Also, though the market is saturated with microwaveable, prepared meals, consumers tend to prefer the genuineness of a traditional meal that recalls the smells and flavors of their grandmothers’ cuisine.


Bases for sauces: bolognese, boscaiola, arrabbiata, napoletana, puttanesca, siciliana, amatriciana
Dressings for pasta, for fish and shellfish
Seasoned bread crumbs for meat and fish: Triplo Tostato, Panpatata, Au Gratin, Pandemonio, Pan di Pizza, Corn & Potato
Seasoning for boiled vegetables, for vegetables and artichokes
Aromatic herbs

Shelf life: 18 months for the bread crumbs, 36 months the other products

Annual production: 3 tons

Export Countries: Germany, Brazil, Canada


Vegetables contain good amounts of vitamins and minerals.
They have many antioxidants that, first, help protect the human body from oxidant stress, diseases and cancer; and secondly, they help the body develop the capacity to fight by boosting immunity.
Additionally, vegetables are packed with soluble as well as insoluble dietary fibers known as non-starch polysaccharides (NSP), such as cellulose, mucilage, hemi-cellulose, gums, pectin…etc.
These substances absorb excessive water in the colon, retain a good amount of moisture in the faeces, and facilitate its smooth passage out of the body.
Thus, consuming sufficient fibers prevents conditions like haemorrhoids, colon cancer, chronic constipation, and anal fissures.



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