CANTINE COLLE DI SAN DOMENICO is located in the province of Avellino, the only Southern Italian province that produces 3 Guaranteed DOCG wines. It is located at the centre of that limited district where the vines grow to their full potential. The company Colle di San Domenico produces the best wines of Irpinia: Taurasi Guaranteed Docg (PDO), Fiano di Avellino Guaranteed Docg (PDO), Greco di Tufo Guaranteed Docg (PDO), Aglianico Doc (PDO), and Falanghina Doc (PDO). It offers a high-quality production and different types of wines, all 100% made with grapes from the best local vineyards.Colle di San Domenico’s wines have been present in the major wine guides (Gambero Rosso, Slow Food, Veronelli, L’espresso, Luca Maroni, AIS 2000 Vini, Touring Club) for years. The company has received many awards for its wines in national and international competitions (Bollino Enohobby, Gran Menzione Vinitaly, Golden Star Vini Buoni D’Italia, Grappolo d’oro, etc…).


Red wine: Taurasi Riserva Guaranteed Docg (PDO), Taurasi Guaranteed Docg (PDO), Irpinia Aglianico Doc (PDO), Principe Aglianico d’Irpinia (Igt) PGI, Aglucus Igt (PGI), Campania Aglianico Igt (PGI).
White wine: Fiano di Avellino Guaranteed Docg (PDO), Greco di Tufo Guaranteed Docg (PDO), Irpinia coda di volpe Doc (PDO), Falanghina del Sannio Doc (PDO), Falanghina del Beneventano Igt( PGI ), Irpinia Bianco Igt ( PGI).

Certifications: Guaranteed Docg (PDO), Doc (PDO), Igt (PGI )
Annual production : 150.000 bottles

Export Countries: Europe and Asia


Wine has antioxidant properties and helps the cardiovascular system.
Italy has become the first wine producer in the world, preceding France in the ranking.
60% of Italy’s wine has the quality labels Guaranteed DOC, DOCG, IGT, which guarantee the quality and origin of a wine.
Red wine, rich in phenols, seems to be more effective than white wine to fight cancer and arteriosclerosis.
Grapevine leaves and grape seeds are also used to make moisturising and anti-aging creams.

Nutritional values of 100 g of red wine
Energy : 75 Kcal
Water : 89,2g
Alcohol: 10,7g

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