“Espresso Coffee” is a very ancient tradition for the Italian people and especially of those in Southern Italy.
To make its coffee blends, Biancaffè uses high quality products and selected coffee blends in order to get a full-bodied, flavourful “espresso.”
The beans are roasted using advanced equipment and the process undergoes strict and numerous checks.The company’s success is due to the constant refining of the product, the care given to each phase of production, and the many quality checks, all this made possible thanks to some high-end technologies.
Biancaffè produce different lines of coffee, from the classic blend to the arabica blend, the decaffeinated one and the capsule line.


Coffee pods and capsules: 100% Arabic , classic, decaffeinated, cream blends
Beans: 100% Arabic, classic, decaffeinated, cream, organic blends
Ground coffee: classic, cream blends Other products: Herbal teas in pods and capsules, single-doses of chocolate and cappuccino ready for use.

Shelf life: two years

Certifications: FLO-CERT for fair trade and BIO ICEA for organic coffee

Roasting daily capacity: 12 tons

Daily production:

– 5 production lines for pods 42mm and 38mm with a capacity of 270.000 pcs/day;
– 2 lines for capsules with a productive capacity of 100.000 pcs/day;
– 2 lines of beans packaging with a capacity of 20.000 bags/day;
– 1 line for the production of 250g vacuum bags of 18.000 pcs/day

Export Countries: 21 countries all over the world


Coffee, with more than 400 billion cups consumed every year, is the world’s most popular beverage. It has been studied for more than a century and it claims a number of health benefits (as well as some risks). Your daily cup of coffee may reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, and more. It is also very rich in antioxidants, which protect the body from harmful free radicals.
With just two calories per 8-ounce cup (without cream or sugar) and no fat, coffee is a pretty guilt-free way to boost your health. But don’t overdo it! More than 2 or 3 cups a day may increase blood pressure, especially in those with borderline or high readings.

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