The company DI MARTINO has been producing extra-virgin olive oil for three hundred years, besides .sparkling wine such as Asprino D’Aversa classico, Asprino D’Aversa brut. Other products are olives in brines, taralli with extra virgin olive oil.
Maria Francesca e Ludovica Di Martino, the farm managers, were handed down the trade and the experience from their ancestors, together with a great love for Apulia’s land and its olive trees.
The combination of a proper cultivation, upholding the standards of organic agriculture, harvesting when the olives are ripe, and pressing them in a timely manner guarantees to obtain a natural product with excellent nutritional properties.
The freshly pressed extra-virgin olive oil, purposely not filtered to preserve its original characteristics, has very low acidity (max 0,3 %) and a high polyhydric phenol and vitamin content.
The production of high quality extra-virgin olive oil is guaranteed by the seriousness and the acknowledgements of the managers, who follow with passion and care all the production stages, from the growing of the olive trees to their harvest and the pressing of the olives (which always happens on harvest day), and to the bottling of the olives “nectar”.


Organic extra virgin olive oil Schinosa
Sparkling wine: Asprino D’Aversa classico, Asprino D’Aversa brut
Table olives in brines
Taralli with extra virgin olive oil

Shelf life: 18 months

Annual production: 60.000 lt

Export Countries: Europe


Extra-virgin olive oil, deliberately non-filtered to preserve its original properties, has very low acidity and a high polyhydric phenol and vitamin content.

A moderate consumption of olive oil is also known to be useful to decrease blood sugar levels. Olive oil helps with digestion and metabolism, which tends to slow as people age. Olive oil helps to stimulate the gall bladder to secrete bile, which helps to prevent gallstones.

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